Web Hosting and Development

Web Hosting and Development

$29 Trillion was spent online pre - COVID era which would have grown to double that figure during the COVID pandemic. So developing a web presence offers many benefits. It will help you get more leads and prospects, increase sales enhance your professional image, brand and improve customer service. The public expects a business to have an online presence now with an optimized-search-engine website

£39.5 billion!!! That's how much was spent on Internet purchases last year Internet expenditure is expected to grow further by 40% in the coming year -IRMG Research Company - as reported in the Financial Times 15/01/05

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Improve your image

Developing your web presence offers many benefits. It will help you get more leads and prospects, increase sales, enhance your professional image or "brand," and improve your customer service.

Make It Easy for People to Find You

People expect you to have an online presence now. If they lose the business card you gave them, they'll probably try to enter your name or the facts they recall about you into a web search engine.

New customers
Attract new prospects and customers

Right now, somewhere on the web; someone is looking for the services and products you offer. A search-engine-optimized web site can bring them to you (so can internet-savvy opt-in e-mail programs and other online marketing efforts, but they are not as cost-effective as search engine optimization). With our free business listing; you can easily attract new customers that are looking for your products or services!

Make it easy for your customers to communicate with you

No matter the size of your business; your website can be the most powerful and most cost-effective direct marketing and communication tool with your customers. Update your web site to quickly and easily inform your customers of new products, services, and offers!

Build your reputation

Whether you want to demonstrate subject-area expertise, show off customer testimonials, link to a favourable review, or remind current customers of how responsive you are, having a web presence will help you build your professional brand.

Give your business a truly Global reach

With a web site, you can easily attract new customers not only locally, but nationally and internationally. Using our E-commerce package, you can sell anything online! Customers can order your products from anywhere on the globe.

Sell your products and services
Sell your products and services

You can tap into the proven, reliable online marketplace by building your own e-commerce site, leveraging other online selling services (like eBay, Shops, etc.), or simply listing on your web site your telephone number.

Conserve valuable Resources

If you routinely deliver the same information over and over, you can deliver it in a web page or other electronic form rather than on paper. No need to hand out fliers or ads, just give your customers your web site address!

Capitalize on the most effective marketing method ever invented

Search engine marketing – part of the web presence consulting services we offer to clients– simply works better than any other form of online (or offline) promotion. It is a genuinely customer-focused marketing practice that puts you in front of people exactly when they are looking for you.