Bespoke ERP Software

Bespoke ERP Software

Most companies use a form of bespoke software. All the processes of a client are defined by work flow of the particular client. A highly efficient, cost effective and secure Managed IT solution enables our clients to align their services to the ever-changing needs of customers.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software enables organisations to manage business processes through a single system which can integrate with other systems within the organisation. All staff can access the data depending on the each other access rights that has been given to the staff member to carry out business processes in a shared environment which equates to optimising the business performance and ROI within a corporate organisation.

Nigsearch.Com Limited designs and develops affordable ERP systems to alleviate businesses to stay ahead of competition. We will review your current workflows to ensure you retain the best of your current operations and maximise performance via a new central hub. The task will be to liaise with all stakeholders to ascertain what functionality is missing and what new ideas would optimise the business processes.

We will design and implement a software system which will enable staff login to a central portal to access enter and retrieve data required carrying out their tasks diligently and efficiently from any location. We will install the software; transfer all your data including both financial and transactional data, mapping your processes and training users on how to actually use the software.

Generally an ERP implementation is an eight-step plan which reduces risk and safe costs to increase the ROI for most business models. The ERP system will include processes for Accounting, Sales, Operations, Human Resources, Manufacturing, CRM, Business Intelligence, Finance and Commerce. Data processed would provide limitless reports which will provide deeper and more useful insights for management to forge ahead creating optimal business plans.

It is essential to have a well-defined implementation plan that addresses all key aspects of the project including timelines, milestones, budgets and risks. Taking a structural and strategic approach to ERP implementation, businesses can minimize the risks and maximize the benefits of this transformational initiative.