Payment Solutions

Payment solutions enable users to buy products and pay for services at any location in the world without the need for a bank account or a physical card. This solution allows businesses to sell to customers all around the world increasing their ROI.

Our payment solution allows our client to accept payment from various methods by connecting them to a broader payment infrastructure to collect and manage payment in a simple yet efficient way. The operating system can run on any device and enables users to spend money with their phone, tablet or laptop. Some payment solution can be configured with integrated mapping feature so users don’t have to worry about getting lost when they travel.

The idea is to minimise risk and maximise returns. We fully understand that there are a number of factors and tensions that come into play when dealing with complex transactions. Whether you are receiving or remitting funds for sale of your products or buying products we can implement payment solutions to ease the workflow.

Customers can pay via USSD, card or bank account and the merchant can reconcile payments by the customer irrespective of the channel.

Our products enable businesses to transact more by choosing from our array of payment channels. Leveraging on our strategic partnerships, we guarantee fast, secured payment and great transaction rates.

With one API integration, you can send, receive payments and make recurring bills payment on the go. As a business, you can increase your revenue, maintain a low business running cost and at the same time give your customers a secured and seamless payment experience.

The effective use of technology in implementing a payment solution is a vital to an organisation’s success. Electronic systems and processes are a primary requirement to remain competitive, drive down costs, increasing ROI and customer satisfaction levels. Most organisations have a fully integrated and interactive e-payment platform which encompasses the use of Internet and latest technologies to meet customer demands and expectations.