Disaster Recovery Design & Implementation

Disaster Recovery Design & Implementation

The managed nature of the Disaster Recovery Service means that IT systems are protected 24/7. Your Rescue systems will be updated, tested and stored everyday, ready to be swung into action as and when you need them. No distractions no conflicts.

The managed nature of the Disaster recovery service means that whatever your business’s other commitments or priorities are you can be confident its IT systems are protected. Your rescue systems will be updated, tested and stored every day ready to be swung into action as and when you need them, no distractions and conflicts.

IT systems are so important to most businesses and the potential to lose the use of individual system or systems is a lot higher than you think. Threats come not only from biblical disasters but more commonly hardware or software, human error, deliberate damage, hackers, viruses etc. The important question to ask is how long could you survive without your systems and what would be the business and reputational damage of a prolonged outage.

With an IT Managed Service it means that organisations don’t have to start worrying about recovering systems in the middle of a crisis. Nigsearch.Com staff will be dedicated to calmly get your systems back leaving you to concentrate on your business, staff and customers.

It depends on how long you can do without your computer systems. If you only have data backup and lose your computer systems irrevocably, you will have to buy new systems, replace the system and application software before reloading all your data from scratch.

This process can take a long time (2 to 7 days is not uncommon) even if you know exactly what you need to do and everything works as planned, first time. If you think your business needs its systems faster than that then you need to invest in a Disaster Recovery service that will enable you to recover a whole working environment in an agreed timescale. In which case it can be between 30 minutes to an hour depending on the bandwidth available.

There are several available encryption algorithms and key strengths up to 256-bit AES. As a managed provider we don’t HAVE the ability to reset your password which makes your data more secure. As part of the initial service setup, we will go through the access mechanisms with every client. The precise option that fits best varies by customer, but a typical customer will have IPsec Site-to Site VPN access to the platform from one or more locations as well as SSL VPN access for roaming users. The IPsec VPN’s are configured as the service is set up and the SSL VPN’s can be easily deployed as required in a disaster

A disaster recovery provision will get back an entire machine including hardware, operating system, application software, and of course data including whatever that has befallen the original system. Our software is a business-class backup provider and as such safeguards your data from any unauthorized access – even from us!